RED Cameras Set a New Standard in Cinema. Here’s How!

RED Digital Cinema are a one of the leading manufacturers of professional-grade digital cameras. Learn more about why they are so popular in the industry and why we use them.

Clients and other filmmakers often ask us: “Why did you choose RED?” Although it’s a simple question, the answer is anything but straightforward.

We’re a company built with the mission to create beautiful content, so to truly capture beautiful visuals, we need to have equipment that fosters our creativity and is capable of superb image fidelity. It’s because of this that, since our company was founded in 2017, we’ve worked exclusively on the RED Scarlet-W. However, image fidelity was just one of many considerations that went into choosing RED, so we wanted to provide a more in-depth explanation of just what makes their equipment right for us.

Here are a few ways that using one of Hollywood’s top cameras gives us the edge over the competition and elevates the level of our productions.


Today, RED Digital Cinema is one the leading manufacturers of professional-grade digital cameras, but a little over two decades ago, it was little more than a bold idea by Jim Jannard.

Jannard, who had previously founded the sports equipment company, Oakley, was a lifelong camera collector who dreamt of making professional cinema equipment more accessible. To accomplish this, he and his team created a different type of digital camera, one that captured images at higher than the standard 2K resolution of the time thanks to the development of their new sensor.

The film industry was shocked to discover what RED cameras were capable of when the first model was unveiled to the public in 2007, and notable directors like Peter Jackson and Steven Soderbergh were quick to adopt the technology.

In the span of just a few short years, RED has grown to become one of Hollywood’s top camera manufactureres, with their cameras now used on everything from “Stranger Things” and “Game of Thrones,” to “Captain Marvel” and “The Irishman.”


The image is captured with such precision that it provides broader coverage of a scene. 

When RED was founded, it began with the promise to transform the filmmaking process by redefining our expectations of image quality. Today, it continues to achieve this thanks to its award-winning line of sensors, which are capable of capturing images in stunning high resolution. 

Shooting with the Scarlet-W also provides increased light sensitivity, not only allowing us to shoot in more lighting situations but providing a superior dynamic range to work within. 

Though there are countless benefits to filming such high-quality footage, the greatest is being empowered with such tremendous creative freedom. 5K resolution gives us the option to resize or reframe the image at will with no harm to the overall picture quality. In effect, this is like shooting with several cameras, as the image is captured with such precision that it provides broader coverage of a scene. 

Meanwhile, the higher dynamic range allows the camera to shoot a greater variety of light intensities, temperatures, and tones, giving us more ways to create striking visuals


The precise image capture, creative freedom, and remarkable modularity of RED cameras has sparked a true revolution in cinema.

There’s a reason that RED is the top choice for filmmakers, auteurs, and everyone in-between. No other camera on the market compares to RED’s unparalleled modularity and ease of us. Filming with a RED is as simple as turning it on, customizing settings like frame rate and temperature, focusing on the subject, and pressing record. 

Many cameras claim to operate under the principle of “point and shoot,” but because it’s actually that easy with RED, we’re able to capture the finer details others might miss while trying to adjust their shot. At the same time, the Scarlet-W is highly customizable. 

RED’s entire line of cameras is modular—able to be reconfigured with different lens mounts, monitors, power sources, grips, and nearly any other component we could need. They’re incredibly versatile too—with a compact size and maximum weight of eight pounds—making RED the perfect tool for handheld action, drone shots, crane rigs, or anything else a shoot might call for. 

The precise image capture, creative freedom, and remarkable modularity of RED cameras has sparked a true revolution in cinema, providing the ultimate toolkit for filmmakers around the globe. By embracing the latest technology, we’re able to create better content—using the power of RED ScarletW to capture beautiful visuals in a way no other camera can.

Streamlined Post-Production

The precise image capture, creative freedom, and remarkable modularity of RED cameras has sparked a true revolution in cinema.

The flexibility afforded by RED doesn’t end with the shoot. Instead, the superior image quality, combined with the camera’s user-friendly settings ensures that we can get the most out of our footage. 

All of RED’s cameras utilize a proprietary RAW format with optional Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR/HD outputs, allowing us to tailor files to best suit our clients’ needs. Meanwhile, the high resolution and dynamic range of RED’s footage creates more options in framing, colour grading, and correcting issues like exposure, ensuring that every shot looks perfect. 

With greater detail also comes significantly reduced image noise, making it possible to implement visual effects with far greater accuracy than traditional footage might allow. Best of all, despite the high resolution of RED’s 5K footage, the RAW file format is uncompressed, giving us incredible power to mould it into something truly breathtaking.

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