We are McGill Productions, a global video production company based in the UK built around the beauty of visual content. Day in, day out, we elevate some of the most innovative and forward-thinking brands to new heights, growing their conversations and building engaged audiences with captivating, cinematic videos. We aren’t a short-term solution, we are a long term partner.

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We don’t work with just anyone. Our clients are some of the most forward-thinking, ambitious and agile businesses in the world. We consider them to be an extension of our team and we are proud to be a part of their journey.


Co-founder & Creative Director

Harry is a founding partner and Creative Director at McGill Productions. At just eight years old, his video journey began. Using his brother’s camcorder he started making videos and short skits, quickly discovering a passion for film making. As a young teenager he continued his journey, starting a YouTube channel dedicated to football, amassing thousands of subscribers in less than 12 months. He later moved on from YouTube, developing his skills and fine-tuning his film-making style. He went on to study Fine Art at Lancaster University, establishing himself as a freelancer in his spare time, making videos for local events and businesses. Since graduating with a first-class honours, he has partnered with a strong team of entrepreneurs to grow and scale his work. Harry now travels the world filming some of the most beautiful countries, working with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking brands. In the past twelve months, he has travelled to China, Brazil, USA, Malta, Italy, Spain and Slovenia alone.

Co-founder & CEO

As well as being the CEO at McGill Productions Shane is a Co-founder and partner of several other successful businesses which he still owns and advises today. Including an award-winning Samsung partnership which services mobile phones and wearable devices in the greater Manchester and the Midlands area. Shane has also started businesses in the beauty industry with Prestige, an award-winning salon and one of the best independent salons in the Uk which has won awards for hair and social media content. His other business Kaizen Academy, which is in the sport & leisure sector, has many professional competitors competing all over Europe. He exited in January 2018 after reaching his goal of 200 members which made Kaizen one of the largest Mixed Martial Arts Academy in the UK. Shane is now focussed on growing and improving McGill Productions to its full potential.

Mollie Chell
Business Development Manager

Mollie is the head of business development and has a strong customer service background, having worked for several businesses to help build and maintain relationships with their customers. She loves anything visual, creating short personal videos for her friends and family in her spare time. Since graduating from Leeds Beckett University with a BA (Hons) in Media Communication Cultures, she has continued to pursue a career in the industry, using her experience to deliver the best possible experiences for our clients. Having acted as an account manager and overseeing the day-to-day running of social media accounts for a variety of SMEs in previous roles, Mollie has the knowledge and know-how to ensure all projects are delivered to the highest possible standard. She has helped establish a strong foundation and process for the company, providing a coherent structure to make sure projects run to schedule and all clients are kept up to date along the way.



You know that you need a video making and you want the very best. Let’s connect! 

From the moment we first hear from you, our team gets to work researching your company, analysing your competitors and dissecting your brief. We want to know as much about you as possible, so don’t be afraid to talk! 

From what you tell us and using our own research, we will draft together a proposal outlining our ideas for your brand, what we think would be best and how we will deliver it. Simple!


Amazing, we’re on to the next step! When you’re happy with the proposal, we begin developing the concept further. Basically, getting the shoot planned.

From script development to location scouting, actor, crew and equipment hire to logistical analysis, all the important parts of your project are brought together in this stage. 

Without proper planning, the project will fail. We take the time to make sure everything is completely ready, keeping you in the loop as we go.


Lights, camera, action!

The production phase is when we do what we do best: film a great video.

Using industry-leading equipment, as well as top talent from around the globe, we bring the idea from paper to screen.


That’s a wrap! After capturing everything that’s needed, we move to post-production.

If production was like baking a cake, post-production would be the icing on top, making that cake look irresistible. During this process the editor takes over, sorting through the hours of footage, making it into something amazing.

Once the edit is complete and we’ve internally reviewed and signed it off, you will have the chance to share your thoughts with us. We work with you to ensure you are 100% happy with the product, and will make any required amendments to make the video perfect. 


"In some places, it's easy to lose perspective." These are the words of billionaire investor Warren Buffett explaining his decision to be based in Omaha, Nebraska as opposed to a big city. Like Buffett, we operate from a small city. By being based in Lancaster, we are able to escape the noise of the big smoke (London), maintaining clear perspective and being undisturbed by irrelevant factors. What's more, we are centrally located in the country and have easy access to key cities through rail links (London in 2.5 hours, Manchester in 1 hour) and airports (Manchester Airport in 1 hour).



red camera new standard

We own and operate a RED Scarlet-W, one of the best digital cinema cameras in the world. It has been used to shoot some of Hollywood’s biggest films and TV shows including: Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers etc.

While a strong story is far more important than the equipment it’s shot on, shooting with a RED means we are not technologically limited with what we can shoot; we can deliver our ideas in the highest quality possible.

professional red camera


We have been trusted by brands all over the world to deliver beautiful, engaging content that wows their audiences. In the last couple of years, we have been lucky enough to shoot across four different continents, in over a dozen countries including Brazil, China, United States, Antigua & Barbuda and Malta to name a few.



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