3-1-5: Expand Your World

We worked with 3-1-5, a leading independent health club in Lancaster, to produce a Nike-style advert showing off their members and facilities. This is a short break down of how we created the video.

Mollie Chell

May 14, 2021


3-1-5 is an independent health club in Lancaster. Renowned for its X-Force training machines, devoted members and passionate staff, the club is one of the leading venues of its kind in the industry. We partnered with 3-1-5 to produce quarterly content for their social media channels and website, with the aim of boosting their online presence and increasing memberships.

Our first project was launched in September 2020 (Q3) on National Fitness Day 2020. The piece was shot, edited and delivered on site with the aim of showcasing the gym as a busy, energetic environment, highlighting the sense of community. The video received fantastic feedback from both the client and members alike.


For our second project, we wanted to build on what we’d created in Q3. Our goal was to highlight the breadth of the club’s members, emphasising the range of ages and genders. 

The concept came from early conversation that expressed a need for a piece that appealed to a diverse mix of people: from those at the beginning of their fitness journeys to world-class athletes and dedicated gym-goers. Taking inspiration from ads by Nike, Adidas and Gymshark, the aim was to create something aspirational and motivational that converted new customers. The goal was to create a video that acted as a brand-identity piece, demonstrating the 3-1-5 culture and all of its wonderful people.

The video follows five key individuals, each with their own different training goals: a GB athlete; an older gym member; a young male beginner in a PT session; a mother and daughter; and a committed bodybuilder. The breadth of this group allowed us to emphasise the message that there are no boundaries to who can train at 3-1-5. We wanted to break the stereotype of typical gym-goers as muscular, heavy-set men, and open it to include men and women of all ages and abilities.



Having pitched and signed off the idea, we pencilled in two days for filming and worked with the 3-1-5 staff to contact various members who represented each of the above five groups. Once the most suitable candidates were selected, each of the members was briefed prior to the shoot with what to expect and what we would planned to film, with any questions or concerns being addressed in the lead up to production.



Filming began in early December2020 before the announcement of a third national lockdown and extended across two days. Each member was called in at a specific time to minimise disruption and to adhere to Covid guidelines, while also allowing us to capture them training confidently, as they usually would. We wanted the piece to look and feel natural, so gave the individuals minimal direction as they completed their exercises. In some instances, we provided vocal encouragement to push the members to their maximum potential.  

With each of the exercises, we used a two lighting setup to create a moody look – one key light (Aputure 300D)and a gelled fill light (Aputure 120D). We used red and blue gels to add some colour and life to the scenes. Red gels were used when capturing the higher intensity sessions, such as boxing, spinning, and resistance training.Blue lights were used for gentler exercises such as yoga, running, and moderate weightlifting. We used these colours to show boldness, strength, determination, and energy, as well as to link the video with 3-1-5’s branding.

While filming, we made sure to shoot in areas marked clearly with the 3-1-5 branding and logo.


Having been placed in a third national lockdown in January 2021, and after discussions with the team at 3-1-5 in the months that followed, we decided we’d use the video as a countdown to the gym reopening to build anticipation with members and drive new memberships.

We wanted the video to follow our characters getting ready and setting up before exploding into their exercises. In our early edits, we used an upbeat and carefree song that matched the energy and pace of the workouts. After internal reviews, however, we found this song didn’t portray the right tone that we had outlined in our brief.While the video was energetic and positive, it didn’t harness the power or emotion that we outlined in our pitch and didn’t built with the video as intended.

Our focus with the new song was something emotional and explosive that built as the video progressed; something raw and gritty that helped tell the narrative we initially envisioned. The new song helped solidify the overall tone and matched the messages of positivity and pushing hard that the video embodied. To accompany the song, we added a voiceover by motivational speaker Les Brown. We felt this complemented the piece nicely and fit with the 3-1-5 brand.

Following comments by the 3-1-5 team, we added some text with positive phrases as the video built to highlight some of the key points that the team felt represented the gym. These acted almost like a call to action within the video and included phrases such as: “Take control; Get in the zone; be a positive force.” Etc.

The video was delivered in 4K and colour graded by our team. Audio captured on shoot days was included alongside clips found online to help built the atmosphere within the video. Some additional sound effects were added to transition between clips and further convey the mood of the piece.


Company number: 10892735