What We Learnt In 2020

Although we are unsure what the next year will bring, 2020 taught us that with determination, motivation, and the right mindset, we can learn and adapt to take on any situation.

Mollie Chell

March 11, 2021

The beginning of 2020 began bright. We had ended 2019 on a high with the release of our Christmas film "Put Family First", one of my favourite productions to date, and I was excited about what 2020 would bring. Being my first full calendar year at the company, I had big hopes and plans for the year ahead.

The new year brought new opportunities. We were keen to start the new decade strong, wanting to build on the foundations we had already laid in the previous year. In the first couple of months, we focussed on expanding our network, meeting new clients and establishing ourselves more within Lancaster. We had a whole range of trips overseas planned, most notably a trip to ITB Berlin - the world’s leading Travel Trade show. We also had various meetings about filming several UK & European festivals across the summer months. Things were looking positive.

And then Corona hit.

Like everyone else, we were anxious, unsettled and had entirely stopped in our tracks in the months that followed March. I personally really struggled at first, going on 5K runs to keep myself sane. If you'd have told me this time two years ago that I was going to have several months off work partly paid (thank you, Furlough), then I would have been ecstatic. The scary reality, however, was that we were in an unknown position with no idea what was happening and no clue when the madness was going to end. 

Coming out of lockdown was a slow process but, after some time, we saw there was light at the end of the tunnel.  

On set with Antiques Jewellery Group in September.

As we returned to the office, the leads began to reappear and zoom calls quickly became our saviour. We started to rebuild and refocus our aims, planning and preparing for the boom that awaited us; we were ready to hit the ground running. 

The summer months showed us that all the planning and preparation was absolutely worth it. We collaborated with some amazing clients: Soccer.com, Nike, and Manchester Pride, to name a few. The network we established at the start of the year continued to grow, and we found ourselves becoming more involved with businesses in the local area. Among all the successes in the summer, it was what we created for Pride that stood out amongst everything else.

We produced a short documentary to feature as part of their alternative virtual summer festival. This piece spurred something within us and gave us a clear view of our new, exciting direction as a company. It was through this job that we reached the proudest moment in the year: producing our first-ever self-funded short-film, "The Therapist." If you follow us on any social media channels, you will be very aware that this is all we go on about at the moment. This project, however, gave our company a new purpose and set a new direction for growth.

On set of our first short film 'The Therapist'

As we went into lockdown in November again, I looked back at the amazing things we had achieved in the year. The year was not what we had expected but, as our recent Christmas advert for Two Brooks explains, we found new ways to adapt and use the obstacles to achieve and grow in new ways.

Being only one week into the new year (the blog was actually published on 6th January, not 15th December) and stuck in yet another lockdown for the foreseeable future, we can only hope that we will return back to normal in time. Although we are unsure what the next year will bring, 2020 taught us that with determination, motivation, and the right mindset, we can learn and adapt to take on any situation.


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